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TIC Properties for your 1031 Exchange

TIC or Tenancy In Common investment is the real estate investment where two or more investors own a single property. Under this taxpayer holds a deed to the property as a tenant-in-common, this type of investments are qualified under the like-kind rules of IRS Section 1031. These investments are mos...
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Benefits to furnishing student housing

Here in this blog, we will introduce to look at the benefits to furnishing student housing. 1. Comfort pulls in residents and increases inhabitance Students generally don’t own furniture and don’t want to spend money on buying furniture for their temporary apartment. Moving furniture in and out ...
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Real Estate Equity vs Debt Funds

What is a real estate equity fund? A real estate fund is a type of mutual fund that focuses primarily on investing in securities offered by public real estate companies. It represents a residual interest in the property. A big portion of real estate funds are invested in commercial and corporate pro...
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What is a 1031 Exchange?

You might have heard of the term 1031 exchange, especially if you own real estate. It’s a section of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Code that provides a mechanism to defer capital gains tax under certain circumstances. Here is some basic information about the 1031 exchange, and how the rul...
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