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Investment.net Overview

Investment.net is a marketing and technology company that connects investor capital with alternative investment opportunities. To address the needs of investors and connect them with investment professionals, we combine marketing and securities knowledge with a digital platform. As a result, a robust alternative investing ecosystem has emerged, allowing investors to access a varied range of services. The portal will also serve as a hub for alternative investment properties such as 1031 exchange replacement properties, DST/TIC properties, triple net lease (NNN) properties, REITs, IRA investments, and oil and gas.


To become an alternative investment community developed, and owned by its members using new-age technology that promotes trust, transparency & efficiency


Empowering Alternative Investment Professionals with tools, resources & community to help serve clients better, grow client base and build lifetime residual income

Key Highlights

  • Founder with more than 20 years of working experience in the Industry (Marketing and Alternative Investment industry)
  • Own more than 100 strategic portfolio of websites in the alternative investment industry
  • 360 degree marketing, sales and after sales service enabled platform (INET Portal)
  • 30+ member marketing and tech support team with more than 150 years of total experience
  • 60+ years of marketing experience in the Alternative Investment industry in USA
  • One Portal Solution for all the stakeholders in the ecosystem increasing efficiency, ease of doing business, transparency, integrity and sustainability

Our Team


Founder at Investment.net, VA.org, Independence.org
Puerto Rico
+1 (123) 456-7890

About Paul Taylor:

Paul Taylor is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the alternative investment industry. He has served around 20,000 satisfied investors with the help of more than 25 partners. Paul has established himself as a hub for lead generation of alternative investment products, focusing on 1031 exchanges, DSTs, and triple net properties. He has built a referral network for alternative and real estate professionals seeking to expand their client and investor base.

After completing his MBA, Paul began his career as a real estate broker. He quickly realized his passion for contributing to society, community, and nation by helping investors grow their wealth. He has transformed multiple premium domains, including VA.org, Election.org, and Investment.net, into sustainable business spaces that generate opportunities and help clients realize their financial and socio-economic goals.

Areas of Expertise:

Syndicated Real Estate: Paul has been in the 1031 exchange business since 2002, after a tax code change that started a fractional real estate business and allowed real estate investors to exchange into syndicated real estate to satisfy their 1031 exchange. Paul was previously licensed as Series 7,24,63, specializing in securitized fractional real estate. Although non-licensed since 2006, he continues to provide valuable advice and referrals to his clients.

Accredited Investor Lead Generation: Paul has generated investor referrals online since 2002, specializing in 1031 exchange professionals. He started by generating leads for himself, then had other registered reps working for him, and then hung his licenses up and provided leads behind the scenes to some of the largest Sponsors & Reps in the 1031 industry.

Domain Specialist: Paul has been a domain investor since 2000. Both Investment and Independence Projects have a strategic portfolio of digital real estate to develop their business. Paul is also experienced with traffic domains and drop-catching.

Commercial Real Estate Brokers: Paul has provided 1031 exchange referrals for NNN brokers since 1992.

Lending: In 1994-199, Paul started a finance conduit for Manufactured housing community owners to originate and service loans in their community. Prior to that, he was a commercial mortgage banker w/ HUD Apartment loans.

Travel: Paul has traveled to over 80 countries and hitchhiked 5000 miles solo in Africa.

Adventure: Paul enjoys kitesurfing, wing-foiling, windsurfing, skiing/snowboarding, and catamaran sailing.



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Rishav Raj has over 13 years of experience in technology-based start-ups across different verticals – operations, project management, product management, branding, digital marketing, and website management.


Rishav successfully led the set-up of four start-ups to a sustained growth phase with his dynamic operational leadership and strategic support in uniquely challenging situations. He has experience working across various sectors in diversified roles – Lead Generation, Real Estate, Cannabis – CBD, Non – Profit, Education, Travel, e-commerce, Jewellery & FMCG. He is a thought leader and an expert in digital marketing & product management.


He has successfully helped Investment.net achieve revenue growth of over 600% in the last three years. He also achieved similar success in the human resources domain –  multiplying the gross profit of the company manifold. He has added a team of expert investment advisors to the pool of the Investment.net referral network, helping more than 2000 accredited investors with their financial goals.

Premium Websites

Generating investor referrals through 100+ premium websites in the Alternative Investment space.