Advisor Group Rebrands As Osaic

Advisor Group, one of the nation’s largest networks of independent wealth management firms, announced that it has changed its name and rebranded as Osaic.

The firm announced plans to rebrand and transition its eight firms into one earlier this year and shared the new brand today during a livestream event. After extensive research and thousands of interviews, the company chose a new name and brand platform that reflect the firm’s heritage and history while also demonstrating the firm’s commitment to the next generation of financial professional and investor.

“We are excited to announce our new brand and believe it truly pulls together our culture, community, experience, and diversity of thought into one inspiring story,” said Jamie Price, President & CEO, Osaic. “It’s the perfect confluence of everything we are today and everything we plan to become in the future. We developed the Osaic brand for the advisors we serve today and those we will serve tomorrow. It was also built with their end-clients in mind, because we know they are who matter most to our advisors, and when they thrive, we all thrive.”

By bringing all eight of its wealth management firms together under one brand, Osaic will be better positioned to serve its financial professionals by offering them access to the full breadth of capabilities and expertise that the firm’s growing scale provides. The simplified business structure will reduce complexity through a unified platform, technology stack, procedures, and support model.

“As we went through the brand and naming process, we decided to go with a brand that could be uniquely ours. The mission and promise underlying Osaic is that we will leverage our scale, resources, and expertise to help our financial professionals reach their full potential, as business leaders and as partners to their clients,” said Greg Cornick, President, Advice and Wealth Management, Osaic.

Starting this fall, each of the current wealth management firms previously under Advisor Group will transition into Osaic. The firm has a well-crafted plan to ensure a smooth transition of financial professionals’ businesses, without the need for repapering accounts.

The plan was also developed to maintain relationships and communities that have been cultivated over time. The individual firms will unify under the new brand in phases over the next 18-24 months. Financial professionals will reap multiple benefits from reduced corporate, brand, and operational complexity, including:

  • Enriched peer-to-peer sharing, conversations, and networking without artificial barriers
  • An improved experience with unified service and support teams
  • Innovative technology solutions delivered through a common tech stack unencumbered by legacy systems
  • Streamlined operations that results in more efficient procedures
  • Consistent, best-in-class regulatory and compliance policies
  • Acquisition, succession, and business continuity planning across the firm’s 11,000 financial professionals will become a more seamless experience with no repapering

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