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About INET Portal

With a vision to develop a safe and efficient alternative investment community, is an initiative that combines professionals with alternative investment opportunities. Our robust digital platform combines modern marketing tactics with our immense industry knowledge, allowing professionals to access various services.

The INET portal is a one-stop place for all active Alternative Investment offerings, such as DST offerings, Opportunity Zone Funds, NNN Investments, Non-Traded REITs, Real Estate Funds and TIC offerings.

20+ Years of Alternative Industry Experience

A Growing Database of more than 25,000 Accredited Investors

360 Degree Marketing Tactics

More than 20+ Years of Market Experience

Benefits Of INET Portal

List all your Offerings in one Place: List and keep current your available offerings in one place for Registered Reps and broker Dealers.

Grow Your Alternative Investment Network: Grow your network by showcasing your offerings with industry professionals on our platform.

Increase Goodwill & ROI at a lower cost: Our program helps you increase goodwill and your marketing ROI at a lower cost by providing a steady flow of investor referrals.

Alternative Investment Tools & Resources:  Access to various alternative investment tools and resources for informed marketing budgeting decisions on our portal.

Features Of Our INET Portal

Offering Management System

Investors can optimize their investment offerings by tracking performance, analyzing investor behavior and preferences, and creating tailored investment opportunities for their target customers.

Lead Management System

Track and manage potential investors with our lead management system. Capture and store their contact details, interests, and preferred investment ticket size for various alternative investment products

How Sponsors Can Easily Manage Their Offerings With The INET Portal?

This video will allow our sponsors to navigate the several features to manage all offerings on the INET Portal. This offering management system comes with an easy interface and an easy learning curve.

Sponsors can access these features easily through the INET Portal.

Problems Faced By Industry Professionals

Low ROI on Individual Marketing
Denied Access To Updated Information
Inefficient Technological Systems
Absence of a Referral Network
Limited Industry Mentors
Lack of Steady Flow of Investor Referrals

How Can We Help?

To address the above problems, we have combined modern AI technology with our highly-experienced 360-degree marketing blueprint.

Besides offering a steady flow of investors, we have curated the best marketing strategies that actually work in the Alternative Investment industry.

By becoming a member of this community, you can access a massive influx of investor referrals and the latest information, thus, helping you grow your referral network. We also help you increase goodwill & ROI at a much lower cost.

Here are our two main programs:

Minimum Commitment to Participate: $10,000

You can access either of our two programs:

Exclusive DST Lead Program

Exclusive Lead sent to only 1 Lead buyer


Non-Exclusive DST Lead Program

Lead sent to 3 Lead buyers

$150/Lead Pass

How We Maintain Our Lead Quality?

Accredited Investor Leads Only
Equity Greater Than $100K
Zero Repeat Leads
2%-4% Conversion Rate
7-Day Return Back Guarantee
Meta Information Available On INET Portal