Blackstone REIT limits investor redemptions again in March

Blackstone Inc (BX.N) said on Monday it had again blocked withdrawals from its $70 billion real estate income trust in March as the private equity firm faced a flurry of redemption requests.

Blackstone has been exercising its right to block investor withdrawals from BREIT since November after requests exceeded a preset 5% of the net asset value of the fund.

BREIT fulfilled March withdrawal requests of $666 million, representing only 15% of the $4.5 billion in total redemption requests for the month, the firm said in a letter to investors.
Total redemption requests for March were 15% higher than the approximately $3.9 billion demanded by investors in February but 16% lower than the $5.3 billion Blackstone received in January.

“BREIT is not a mutual fund and has never gated,” a Blackstone spokesperson said in a statement. “It is a semi-liquid product and is working exactly as planned. In fact, BREIT has paid out nearly $5 billion to redeeming shareholders since November 30th when proration began.”

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