E2Companies has entered into a partnership with Kroger to provide support for the grocery retailer’s distribution center.

E2Companies, a sponsor of private placements distributed via financial advisors to accredited investors, announced its collaboration with The Kroger Company, which has nearly 2,800 grocery stores under a variety of brand names, including Ralphs.

According to the company, Kroger will begin using e2Companies’ R3Di® system (pronounced “Ready”) to improve power quality at the Paramount, California distribution center that serves stores across Los Angeles County.

e2Companies describes their patented R3Di® system as an “onsite, instantaneous backup energy storage solution, qualified to sustain long duration outages”. e2Companies says the system has the flexibility to serve as primary or stand-by back-up power, serving as a foundational building block for many future energy projects. The R3Di® system has received official UL 9540 certification, the safety standard for energy storage systems, including safety, containment, and environmental performance.

Palm Energy LLC, a subsidiary of e2Companies, is leading the project and identified the R3Di® solution for the ongoing power fluctuations at the distribution center for Ralphs. These disruptions and power quality issues are allegedly causing “sensitive equipment disruptions, resulting in significant downtime, and impacting operational efficiency. Once the one-megawatt R3Di® system is installed, it will provide continuous conditioned power and instantaneous load pick-up to keep the equipment running seamlessly.”

“The R3Di® system will integrate with the distribution center’s existing infrastructure, including two diesel generators, on-site solar panels, and the power grid, to solve these intermittent power issues,” said Palm Energy president Steve Moffitt.

The R3Di® system will, according to e2Companies, also utilize onsite solar power the center already produces, improving the reliability of its existing renewable energy source.

“Kroger is a true leader in retail innovation, from its operations to its commitment to the communities it serves and to the environment,” said Moffitt. “We’re proud to find the right solution that continues to support Kroger’s commitment to deliver reliable food supply chain for Ralphs’ grocery stores.”

The installation at the Kroger/Ralphs distribution center is expected to be complete by early summer 2023. Once the installation is complete, e2Companies and Palm Energy say they will continue to monitor and maintain the R3Di® system to ensure “conditioned, reliable, and resilient on-site power.”

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