Financial Advisor Brendan Wood Joins Linsco by LPL Financial

LPL Financial LLC announced today that financial advisor Brendan Wood, CIMA®, has joined LPL’s employee advisor channel, Linsco by LPL Financial, to launch Wood Wealth Management of LPL Financial. He reported having served approximately $130 million in advisory, brokerage and retirement plan assets* and joins LPL from Merrill Lynch.

Based in West Hartford, Conn., Wood is a former independent school teacher who shifted careers to wealth management in 2007. He believes the foundation to helping clients with their personal finances is open communication.

“I’m passionate about empowering clients by investing thoughtfully on their behalf and helping them understand how their money is working for them,” Wood said. “Warren Buffet’s teacher, Benjamin Graham, remains my greatest inspiration as a practitioner. His ‘margin of safety’ concept is deeply rooted in my planning and investing processes.”

Wood, who lives with his family in Durham, Conn., built his practice by listening first and delivering results. He works primarily with small business owners, professionals, families and institutions, often earning referrals from CPAs and other centers of influence. His mission is simple: “Clients always come first, period.”

That client-first commitment led to his decision to break away from the wirehouse environment and join LPL. He used an analogy from his teaching days to best describe the move: “There’s a reason I taught in independent schools. We had smaller classes, more autonomy and I was able to shape my own curriculum. Moving to LPL is evocative of teaching in a boutique school. In public high school, you have to teach to certain tests. In independent schools, you have more freedom and flexibility. Similarly at LPL, I can put my client’s best interest first.”

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