Former Northwestern Mutual Advisor with $28 Million in Assets Joins Cetera Financial

Cetera Financial Group (Cetera), the premier financial advisor Wealth Hub where financial advisors and institutions can optimize professional control and value creation, announced today that Jonathan Fagan* has joined Cetera Advisors by joining Wilde Wealth Management Group. Fagan, who provides financial planning services to clients with nearly $28 million in assets**, was previously affiliated with Northwestern Mutual.

With more than 23 years of industry experience, Fagan began his career at Northwestern Mutual, later joining the company’s leadership in 2008, according to his Wilde Wealth biography. He was appointed Chief Development Officer in 2008 and joined Northwestern Mutual-Southwest in Phoenix to take on a Managing Director Role in 2012. By 2015, he made the decision to get back into personal practice to help clients achieve their financial objectives and independence – a passion he carries with him to Wilde Wealth Management Group.

“Jonathan’s long history of excellence in the financial services field makes him an ideal fit for both Wilde Wealth and Cetera Advisors,” said Trevor Wilde, CEO of Wilde Wealth Management. “We welcome Jonathan to Wilde Wealth and look forward to working together with him to continue delivering the outstanding service Wilde Wealth clients have already come to expect.”

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