Forum Capital Advisors LLC (“Forum”), a Denver-based registered investment adviser, announced it has partnered with both Fidelity Investments1 (“Fidelity”) and Charles Schwab & Co, Inc. (“Schwab”), to add Forum Real Estate Income Fund (“the Fund”) to their respective intermediary platforms, broadening access to the firm’s registered offering for financial advisors and their clients.

Forum Real Estate Income Fund, offered under the ticker symbol FORAX, is a daily priced interval fund registered under the 1940 Act created to deliver access to institutional investment quality commercial real estate debt investments not typically available to individual investors. The Fund, leveraging the combined experience of Forum and its sub-adviser Janus Henderson Investors US LLC (“Janus Henderson”), focuses on maximizing current income, preserving investor capital, and realizing long-term capital appreciation primarily by targeting income producing, institutional quality debt investments across both the public and private sectors backed by hard assets and long-standing relationships with experienced sponsors.

“In FORAX, Fidelity and Schwab have added a simple ‘point-and-click’ solution that provides its clients with exposure to a growing institutional real estate debt portfolio – one with competitive investment minimums, no subscription documents, and no private fund investor restrictions,” said Darren Fisk, Forum’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Since the Fund’s inception in October 20192, we have built a diverse portfolio of 33 investments across 46 states3. We believe that our partnership with Janus Henderson, an experienced and internationally recognized investment manager, provides the Fund with expanded visibility and access to hard-to-source institutional debt investments that it would not otherwise see.”

“We are excited to partner with two of the largest custodial platforms, Fidelity and Schwab, to expand the distribution of the Forum Real Estate Income Fund to the wealth management community,” said Tyler Bain, Managing Director at Forum. “These partnerships support our overall strategy of offering simplified access to institutional commercial real estate debt investments.”

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