’s INET Portal Generates $240,000 Worth of Leads in just one month

Minneapolis: INET Portal, a fintech platform from, is swiftly gaining traction in the alternative business industry. INET Portal has over 65 active offerings and sold more than $240K of leads within one month of its launch.

INET Portal brings registered reps, sponsors, and broker-dealers in the alternative investment industry together on a single platform. It is intended to make it easier and more efficient for industry professionals to conduct their business.

Any professionals in the alternative business may sign up for INET Portal’s platform for free and purchase leads, which is one of its finest features. The platform offers a broad variety of functions and resources that let professionals interact and engage with one another.

The following are some of the crucial elements of the INET Portal:Β 

  • A thorough listing of businesses and experts in the alternative industry.
  • A network and communication platform for experts in alternative business.
  • A source of facts and materials on the alternative business.
  • The capacity to purchase leads and produce income for your company.
  • A safe platform that safeguards each user’s privacy. is always trying to enhance INET Portal and offer new services to help professionals in the alternative business. The platform will soon have a number of new features, including:

  1. Advanced analytics and reporting tools will give users insights into their business and help them make informed decisions.
  2. Calculator and tools that can help them make better decisions for their clients.
  3. A news and blog section will provide users with the latest news and insights on the alternative industry.
  4. Enhanced security features will ensure that users’ data is always protected.
  5. Integration with other platforms and tools that alternative industry professionals use, such as CRM and other marketing and ops tools.

With these upcoming features, strives to make the INET Portal the best platform for alternative industry professionals. is helping alternative industry professionals connect and grow their businesses by providing various features and tools.

Through INET Portal, alternative industry professionals can connect with each other and access valuable resources to help them grow their businesses. INET Portal quickly becomes the go-to platform for alternative industry professionals due to its user-friendly interface, comprehensive directory, and helpful resources.

About is a marketing and technology company connecting investor capital with alternative investment opportunities. Combining marketing and securities knowledge with digital technology, industry experts can explore various opportunities.’s INET portal is a hub for all alternative investment properties like 1031 exchange replacement properties, NNN assets, DST investments and IRA investments.

Visit to sign up and start exploring the benefits of the INET Portal.

Rishav Raj
Business Head