Lasalle St. Welcomes Former UBS Financial Services Vice President as Advisor-Owner

LaSalle St., a family of wealth management firms encompassing independent broker-dealer and two registered investment adviser (RIA) platforms, today announced former UBS Financial Services Vice President Cari Schulz has joined the firm as an advisor-owner under its new advisor-ownership program.

Ms. Schulz, who manages $100 million in assets under management (AUM), is a seasoned financial advisor located in Buckeye, Arizona, and works with individuals, multi-generational families, business owners and retirees. She was a Portfolio Manager at Morgan Stanley before joining UBS Financial Services in 2014. She has been working with clients for more than 30 years.

“We find that our affiliated advisors have many of the same core values that LaSalle St. embraces: They are entrepreneurial, fiduciaries, client-focused and are looking for transparent and truly independent firm affiliation,” said Mark Contey, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Development. “We provide all those attributes. Cari embodies all those traits, and any firm would want to have her as part of their team. We couldn’t be more thrilled that she chose LaSalle St., and we look forward to supporting her practice and clients for many years to come.”

LaSalle St. recently announced the firm’s new equity ownership offering that allows for financial advisor ownership. The program offers a portion of the firm equity to affiliated and qualified reps and advisors delivering an additional pathway for significant value for financial advisors. Participants in the program are considered true equity shareholders. Additionally, the firm has developed a group health plan for advisor equity owners. The firm will also form an Advisory Board comprised of financial advisor owners who will meet several times a year.

She said, “My goal was to find a firm that would allow me to run my practice my way, while at the same time, provide me and my clients with the tools and support services to scale and grow. The firm continues to exceed my expectations the more time I spend with them, and they checked all the boxes. In addition, the firm’s new advisor equity ownership program is a game changer within our industry, and I was excited to become an investor and owner in the company shortly after joining.”

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