LPL Financial Welcomes Validus Financial Associates

LPL Financial LLC announced today that Validus Financial Associates has joined LPL Financial’s broker-dealer, RIA and custodial platforms. The team reported having served approximately $800 million in advisory, brokerage and retirement plan assets*, and joins LPL from Lincoln Financial Group.

Based in Peoria, Ariz., the firm is led by senior partners Ryan S. Kidd, CRC® and Aaron C. Montez, CFP®, who collectively have more than 40 years of industry experience. The advisors worked together as colleagues for several years before founding Validus in 2009 as a full service financial advising firm committed to putting the needs of clients and their families first. They are joined by partner Andy St. John CFP® and fellow advisors Andrew Peronia, Andrew Tuell, Marcus Luckeneder, Sean Guill and Kurt Oswald, along with four support staff members.

“At Validus, there is nothing we take more seriously than our reputation of integrity,” Montez said. “We have always been fully committed to putting clients first, and we take into consideration what matters most for each client’s unique financial situation. Following a fiduciary standard, we will act accordingly to provide clients with the utmost confidence that they are on the right track toward financial success.”

Kidd is author of “The Art of Retiring Whole,” a non-financial guide to retiring with purpose, productivity and “endless possibilities.” He said the advisors take a hands-on approach to portfolio construction and investment management. Their goal is to be a valuable resource to serve others and provide clients with a financial foundation that enables them to enjoy life now, knowing that their future is on the right course.

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