Ronin Wealth Management Joins Cetera Advisors

Cetera Financial Group (Cetera), the premier financial advisor Wealth Hub where financial advisors and institutions can optimize professional control and value creation, announced today that the advisors of Ronin Wealth Management have joined Cetera Advisors. Managing Director and Wealth Management Advisor Marshall Thomas and Wealth Management Advisor Travis Venable were previously affiliated with LPL Financial and oversee approximately $75 million in assets for high-net-worth clients, as of May 31, 2023.

“We believe that successful wealth management begins with the end in mind – and we quickly learned that Cetera allowed us to tailor our experience to accomplish the end goals we have in mind both for our business and our clients,” Thomas said. “We are encouraged by Cetera’s customizable platform and feel Ronin will thrive at a more boutique-style firm that delivers industry-leading resources and support.”

“Ronin’s refreshing philosophy, coupled with Marshall’s history of entrepreneurship and Travis’ strength in advisory operation services, makes this firm an ideal fit with Cetera Advisors,” said Brett Harrison, president of Cetera Advisors. “We welcome Ronin Wealth Management and look forward to collaborating to achieve success both for the firm and its clients.”

Thomas and Venable, based out of Seattle, Wash., adopted the name “Ronin” from a feudal Japanese word referring to a samurai who had lost or left their master and, as a result, were not bound by any lord and were free to pursue their own objectives. That theme underpins the firm’s mission, which includes never allowing corporate interests to rise above that of a client.

The acquisition of Ronin Wealth Management signals the second quarter as another strong one for Cetera’s business development, following the firm’s impressive $3 billion organic recruiting results in Q1.

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