Empowering Alternative Investment Professionals with tools, resources & community to help serve clients better, grow client base, and build lifetime residual income.

Home Broker Dealers

Providing Broker-Dealers with a white-labeled investor login portal, a platform for their registered reps to see all the approved offerings with current availability, and increased business by providing investor referrals to their registered reps.

Platform Benefits


Let's break it down for you!

Complimentary up-todate Offering Portal

FREE White-Labeled Investor Login Portal on DST.com


Referrals for your registered reps ondemand. They choose the quantity that best fits their business model and we deliver them to there inbox.
Build an alternative investment community sharing tools, resources, knowledge, and experience to increase trust, transparency, integrity, and sustainability

Have all your Alternative offerings in one place

Control the offerings your Registered Reps see on our portal

Alternative Investment Customer Relationship Management system to cover all aspects of the sales process from Marketing to Closing for your Registered reps.
Efficient, Current, Integrated, and Easy to use portal resulting in increased sales for your Registered Reps which in turn Increases revenue for you.

Tools to be built on INET Portal

  • Standardized PPM Summary – Creating and uploading a standard summary of information out of PPM for each offering
  • Standardized Financial Format – Creating a standard summary of financial information for each offering
  • Pay Taxes vs Swap Calculator – Creating calculators to show a
  • Comparison to clients between paying taxes and doing a 1031 Exchange
  • Swap till you drop Calculator – Creating calculators to show the
  • DST Portfolio Comparisons – Creating a standard format of all DST offerings for reps to be able to compare offerings from different sponsors
  • Property Information Mashup – Building 3rd party information about the properties within the DST, and making them available for reps
  • Market Information Mashup – Building 3rd party information on the market conditions and making them available for reps