Advisor Group to Rebrand into a Single Entity

Advisor Group, one of the nation’s largest independent wealth management firms, today announced it is moving its multi-brand network to a single, rebranded entity. The firm will unify the eight wealth management firms currently part of the Advisor Group network into one to reduce complexity for financial professionals and position them to take full advantage of the scale Advisor Group offers.

Later this year, Advisor Group will announce a new name and brand for the unified firm that is being reimagined to reflect the history and traditions of Advisor Group and pave the way for a bold new future for the firm. The firm has engaged Sullivan NYC, a New York-based branding agency that works with some of the world’s leading brands in financial services and technology, to help guide this branding and positioning effort. Each of the eight wealth management firms in the Advisor Group network will roll into the new brand, one at a time, over the next 18 to 24 months.

“Combining our multiple firms under a single brand will allow us to better serve our financial professionals by offering them access to the full breadth of community and expertise our scale provides without the complexities that multiple legal entities can impose” said Jamie Price, President & CEO Advisor Group. “Our current business model has been successful to date, but as the industry landscape continues to evolve, simultaneously maintaining a series of divergent brands no longer supports a best-in-class experience for our financial professionals or their clients.”

The firm continues to simplify its business structure through uniform and consistent policies, procedures, and technology solutions, in addition to expanding its value-add solutions and offerings.

“For financial professionals in the Advisor Group network, this is going to significantly elevate our experience with the firm,” said Debra Brennan-Tagg, President BFS Advisory Group and Chair of the National Advisory Board for Advisor Group. “Having the firm singularly focused on our growth and our experience will allow us to partner more easily with them to realize and leverage all of the benefits Advisor Group has the potential to provide.”

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