Caliber Announces Expansion of Capital Markets Initiatives

CaliberCos Inc. (NASDAQ: CWD), a leading vertically integrated alternative asset manager, today announced it has engaged with Skyway Capital Markets, which is serving as the exclusive managing broker dealer for the primary investment products in Caliber’s funds marketed by Caliber’s internal wholesale team to the Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and independent broker-dealer channels. Caliber has employed additional dedicated sales professionals, significantly expanding its access to capital for its funds in these important channels, enabling the company to accelerate growth in its assets under management (AUM).
Skyway’s middle market focus and experience in the RIA and independent broker-dealer channels make it an ideal association for Caliber. Skyway’s Managing Dealer services include new product development, wholesaling team structure, marketing, transaction processing, due diligence and investor relations.

“This partnership is another important step in executing on our strategic plan for growth and value creation,” said Chris Loeffler, CEO of CaliberCos Inc. “Caliber has a long history of success in collaborating with industry experts to build our business and further our mission of making alternative investments broadly accessible to investors of all types. This strategic initiative provides Caliber with the opportunity to grow and expand our reach by introducing our unique investment products and funds to a broader group of potential investors. We also expect to benefit from Skyway’s deep knowledge of the middle market and insights into the specific product needs of RIAs and independent broker dealers.”

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